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Gửi lúc 15:39' 09/09/2013
Ricoh ra mắt dòng sản phẩm đa chức năng A3 giá cả phải chăng và kinh tế: Ricoh MP 2001 / MP 2001L / MP 2501L
Ricoh launches affordable and economical A3 MFPs: Ricoh MP 2001 / MP 2001L / MP 2501L

Amstelveen, February 2013, Ricoh Europe (Netherlands BV) has today introduced a series of economical A3 black and white Multi-functional Printers (MFPs) for cost-conscious businesses. The MP 2001 /MP 2001L/MP 2501L combine low purchase and running costs with advanced features including a colour scanner and automatic two-sided printing (MP 2001L and MP 2501L only).

Kentaro Fukutomi, Product Manager at Ricoh Europe, says: “These new devices are ideal entry-level MFPs for small businesses or workgroups in larger organisations. As well as reliability and a colour scanner, they are cost-effective to buy and operate, with automatic duplex, energy-efficient operation and paper-saving features that help to keep running costs low.”

The Ricoh MP 2001/MP 2001L/MP 2501L meet the day-to-day document processing needs of small businesses and workgroups. The MP 2001L/MP 2501L provide A3 print, copy and colour scan functionality in one compact unit. Print speeds of 20 pages per minute (MP 2001/MP2001L) and 25 pages per minute (MP 2501L) ensure a rapid job turnaround even when printing large documents, while a first print time of 6.5 seconds enables one and two-page print jobs to be completed in seconds. A warm-up time of fewer than 10 seconds keeps productivity high even if the MFPs are in power-saving standby mode.

The built-in colour scanner (MP 2001L/MP 2501L) removes the need for a separate scanning device and mean both devices can be used to support digital workflows, with scanned documents able to be distributed, processed and stored electronically.

A clear, easy-to-read four-line display on the operator panel makes the devices easy to use. Shortcut keys include a dedicated ID Copy button which saves time and paper by copying both sides of an ID card onto one side of paper.

The MP 2001/MP 2001L/MP 2501L are Energy Star-accredited and have a low Typical Energy Consumption (TEC) rating, due to a 10 per cent reduction in toner fusing temperature. Automatic two-sided printing (MP 2001L and MP 2501L) can be selected as the default setting to reduce paper use.

Front access provides flexibility in the positioning of devices as well as easy maintenance and jam clearance. With a compact cube design and a choice of desktop or floor standing configurations, the MFPs will fit into any office environment even where floor space is limited.

Nguồn: Ricoh-Europe

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